East Side Podcast


John Bair: Owner & Operator of Bair Knuckle Strength

November 28, 2018

I reached out to John after discovering his Instagram profile. I found we have a few things in common. I invited him to be a guest and thought we would talk all things fitness and the importance of movement. For what came next.. I was not prepared. This not your average podcast. We went for 2+ hrs , John really opened up his entire life. 


Our mission is to coach you to become the BEST version of YOU! We know that when you take consistent action on becoming YOUR BEST - it permeates every level of your life, especially for those most important to you. When you know yourself, everyone in your life reaps the reward. We're here to light the way!

Services Include:
Mindset & Life Coaching
Fitness & Strength Coaching
Healthy Eating Coaching
Restorative Classes
Group, Semi-Private, Personal
Online and Distance Coaching
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