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Rachel Watson- Film editor (Cowboys and Aliens & The Dark Tower)

I met Rachel about a decade ago in Philadelphia. At that time she was in school for film editing and soon after graduating she moved out to LA and started to make a name for herself. We caught up on her not being able to edit major films at home but instead is editing a new Independent film that was done in Philly not 3 blocks from me and yes yours truly was the sound man for the 2nd and final night of filming Pizza Man, check out the trailer here -----> PIZZAMAN 

We had a great time and I hope she gets back to her normal routine soon. 



Ben Barnett-Director of Philadelphia Independent Film Festival.

I think we all can agree that 2020 has been one hell of a ride so far. Almost every film festival had to shut down due to COVID this year but P.I.F.F. had a contingency plan. A few years back they acquired a Roku channel that allows you on your couch to enjoy the festival in your home if you cannot make it in person. This was a smart move however, it still had it pitfalls. A lot of filmmakers did not want to only stream their work they wanted to fill seats. Ben and I touch on this never before ventured challenge and how they are adapting and what the plan is moving forward. 

This was recorded prior to the protests.. 

Also sorry for the low audio on Ben. This was supposed to be my 1st video episode but the camera crapped out at 12mins in so my apologies. I need an assistant.. 


Mike Feeney-Stand Up Comedy, Quarantine life in Queens and some road rage.

Mike's new comedy hour is available on YouTube "Rage Against the Routine" . Mike has been locked away in Queens NY since the fun started. Mike has been going strong on his other two podcasts "Irish Goodbye" and "What's the Scenario" with Mike Cannon and Brendan Sagalow. Both are really funny shows and are highly recommended. Mike and I get into some road rage stories and it would seem he and I share the same passion at yelling at everyone else driving because we are the only good drivers on the road.  



Dan Collins-award-winning director.

I haven't had a podcast go for this long in a while, maybe because I've been waiting a year to have Dan on as a guest as he is a very busy man. I met Dan 4 years ago during one of his film screenings here in Philadelphia. We clicked immediately because he too is from the beautiful state of Maine. Dan is an award-winning director, producer and editor of documentary film, digital video, and music projects. He stared Dan Collins Media 10 years ago in 2010 and has been very busy since. In 2016 he released one of his best films "From War To Wisdom" . This powerful film looks into the lives of veterans both on and off the battlefield. It takes the viewer on a beautiful and terrible journey, from war to wisdom.

This is not an anti-war or pro-war film, it distills the experiences of combat veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars - from the violence of engagement to the challenges faced when coming home - into a mosaic of horror and hope, of tragedy and triumph. You'll ride with them into combat, you'll witness their return to a civilian world that no longer makes sense, and you'll see how they not only survive a war but try to change the world for the better. 



Chip Chantry- The Covid Kid. What is the state of comedy?

Chip joins me for the 5th time on the show and we dive right into quarantine life and how it has affected his stand up. Luckily Chip is also a writer and has become the virtual quiz master for Johnny Goodtimes and is involved in a couple other fun projects you'll hear about during the show. Here is some more detailed background.


Chip Chantry is a stand up comedian and television writer. He has written for Crazy Talk, a comedy/talk series for NBC Universal and the syndicated series Whacked Out Sports. He most recently wrote on the NatGeo series Howie Mandel’s Animals Doing Things. Chip was the winner of 2013’s Philly’s Phunniest Contest at Helium Comedy Club, where he was a regular performer. Chip also won the “Funniest Comedian” award in Philadelphia’s annual Comedy Awards in both 2012 and 2014, and was named Best Comedian 2018 by Philadelphia Magazine. Chip is a recurring guest on the Doug Loves Movies and Todd Glass Show Podcasts.

Formerly a 4th grade teacher, Chip left the classroom to pursue comedy and writing. He has opened for national headliners such as Dave Chappelle, Bob Saget, and Tig Notaro. In 2012, he released his first live comedy album, ACROSS FROM THE ADONIS. His second album, SWINGERS PARTY, was released in March 2019, where it spent time at #1 on the iTunes comedy charts and is currently in rotation on SiriusXM. 


Mike Cannon-Talking stand up comedy and cabin fever during quarantine 2020.

I caught up with Mike through Twitter after watching his new special, Life Begins on YouTube. Now that I am working from home I'm listening to more Podcasts and he and Mike Feeney have a couple shows one called Irish Goodbye and What's the Scenario  , both are hilarious. We talk quarantine life and how life will be different after we find the new normal, whatever that may be.  



Making contact with a friend in Rome, Italy-COVID-19 UPDATE*

I have been keeping in close contact with my good friend Ricardo who lives in Rome, Italy. As you know Italy was one of the hardest hit countries once the COVID-19 Virus made land fall there. It was good to hear him in good spirits and that he is doing well. One of the coolest updates he gave me is that Ferrari is building respirators for hospitals and giving them away for FREE! Now that's what I call leadership and integrity. 

These are certainly strange times and we hope everyone is safe and trying to make the most of this time. 


Po’Side Mash Up Podcast- Podcast producer and host Jodie B Po’ Boys Podcast

Two follow Podcasters get together to talk shit on the industry and we each found out how we got into this crazy world of talk radio. Check out his podcast here PO BOYS

As the world is shifting and adapting we will continue to bring you the best content we can. Please stay safe and clean out there. We as a world need to unite now more than ever. 


Britt James- Community Advocate Founder: Philly Unknown

I had been planning this podcast for a few months until Britt and I were able to finally meet up. I wanted to change up locations and decided on an outdoor space. We found ourselves a top of the new trestle garden walk just off 11th and Callowhill. It was a beautiful evening. The sky was sapphire and the air was cool and caressing. After finding our way around a large yoga group we found a great spot that had Liberty 1 and 2 in the background. 

I discovered Britt through his Instagram page and the beautiful pictures featured on the @phillyunkown page . He started this page as a way of self therapy but soon opened the page for others to "takeover" after a lot of interest. Britt is a community leader and educator. Philadelphia like a lot of cities has a severe opiate addiction and overdose rate. Britt wants to end this epidemic. 

“My name is Britt. I am from Philadelphia, PA. I moved around a lot with my job. However, one consistent thing is I have always had my fair share of struggles with addiction and mental health since as long as I can remember. Funny how the two, addiction and mental health, always seem to go hand in hand. One disease fueled by another and vice versa. I never experimented with drugs until after high school. And even after that I always just considered myself a recreational drug user and thought I knew my limits. Little did I realize that was far from the truth. I began to share my story of trauma and addictive behaviors and pent up emotions with people. Not just people in my IOP or my life but to an audience on social media that has rallied behind me from all across the world and allow me to be vulnerable to them. They allow me to share my life and my feelings and my journey with them and this is my recovery. I started a non-profit almost three years ago that has a mission to bring advocacy, awareness and cohesion in the communities towards societal issues such as homelessness and to the fatal epidemic of the opioid crisis. I have found my mission. I have taken peace in healing through bringing compassion and harm reduction to those who need it most. I work the front lines to ensure that those who are lost like I was, have a voice and know that they are not alone.


Adam Twersky- Owner/Operator ImmersiveXR

Starting and owning your own company is not an easy feat. You pour your life into it. You're sleeping at the office and ordering dinner for the 100th time. Adam just recently filed for bankruptcy but it could be a blessing in disguise. He now hires contractors to work per project and this massive change has lifted a cloud of stress and anxiety. He is happier and more comfortable at the new work space in N. Philadelphia. Adam and I spoke about adding a VR category for the 2020 Independent Film Festival. He would be a great addition to the PIFF team. ImmersiveXR is breaking into so many industries and is continuing to grow. If you are thinking of a VR project, or your company is exploring a new training or safety training, contact Adam Twersky. 

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