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Joe Smiley: Owner/Operator of Red Planet Recording

December 15, 2018

This was a special podcast. I brought a couple weirdos with me one Sunday evening to Red Planet Recording/Rehearsal Studio. I brought a videographer friend and my drummer G. G and I started Into the Aegean here in Philly. I wanted to touch on drum micing techniques and what better way for some musicians to record a tune. FYI it is the outro song. It's still in draft phase but we captured what we needed for the podcast episode. Stay tuned for the video. Joe has really crafted a wonderful location and his talent as an engineer should be highly sot out for. Oh and the live room is FUCKING SIC SOUNDING!! 

Red Planet Recording, Live Sound & Rehearsal was established in May of 2004 by Bruce Howze and Joe Smiley. We are located in beautiful Clifton Heights, PA, just minutes outside of Philadelphia. Our warehouse space houses 16 secure, climate controlled, monthly rehearsal rooms as well as a recording studio with a sizable live room and a control room comprised of digital and analog gear. We specialize in the recording and production of music in various genres including rock, indie, punk, alternative, hardcore, metal, noise,  and blues. We can provide live sound reinforcement for events in venues that don't have installed sound systems. Explore our web site or contact us to find out what we can do for your recording project or live event, or to inquire about the availability of our rehearsal rooms.

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