East Side Podcast


Chip Chantry - Stand up comedian/Writer

March 19, 2019

Have podcast will travel. I am in the sacred Green Room in the back of Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia. I almost feel like I shouldn't be back here, and well I was right. They called security and I was escorted out of the building. Shortest podcast ever! Thanks Chip!

We had a great time talking about his most recent trip to LA where he was a guest on Doug Loves Movies. He just released his new comedy album, "Swingers Party"

Debut at #1 on ITunes charts. His just over hour long set is hilarious. Chip is constantly working on comedy. He is non-stop and even has a podcast where he and his co host jog and cast. It's called Junk Miles 

From comedy talk to who makes great old fashions in this city. Chip is here to stay. 

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