East Side Podcast


Adam Twersky- Owner/Operator ImmersiveXR

June 18, 2019

Starting and owning your own company is not an easy feat. You pour your life into it. You're sleeping at the office and ordering dinner for the 100th time. Adam just recently filed for bankruptcy but it could be a blessing in disguise. He now hires contractors to work per project and this massive change has lifted a cloud of stress and anxiety. He is happier and more comfortable at the new work space in N. Philadelphia. Adam and I spoke about adding a VR category for the 2020 Independent Film Festival. He would be a great addition to the PIFF team. ImmersiveXR is breaking into so many industries and is continuing to grow. If you are thinking of a VR project, or your company is exploring a new training or safety training, contact Adam Twersky. 

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