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Ben Barnett-Founder/Director-Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

This was a very interesting podcast. Weeks back I posed a question on Instagram. 

"Is there truly ever a present moment in time, or is it constant future?"

I wanted have a podcast with a couple people to discuss perceptions of time.  I received a DM an hour later. I clicked on the profile and it was the IG for the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

I had to do a double take. I responded and quickly learned I was speaking with the founder and director of the P.I.F.F. Ben Barnett! Well that through me for a bit of a loop. I reached back out and posed, "Why don't we intertwine the concept of time into film and media?" Ben also liked that idea. We set a date and had a rough location in mind. 

Sunday came and unfortunately we had to bounce from building to building. We were out of options and started to set up in a hallway in the U.O.A. wing of the Merriam Theater. Luckily a student on the music production floor ran into us and said she had an open room for us to use. What a day. Exciting, fun, interesting and memorable. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did to conduct it. Ben is a cool dude and a great person to talk to. 


Myra Zerr-Neuroscientist Beyond Hello

I had a great podcasting weekend. Saturday morning kicked off with neuroscientist Myra Zerr. Myra felt compelled to explore the world of science. Although being stuffed in a rocket and going to space or exploring the depths of the ocean sounded amazing, they were also quite risky. Myra thought staying put on land and researching the brain and it's functions would be more beneficial to her and the world as a whole. She is now full immersed in guiding physicians and educating them and works full time at the latest apothecary Beyond Hello. Brand new to Center City Philadelphia. The windows have 24hr projections of patient testimonies and other educational information. They offer weekly deals and discounts to Veterans and seniors. Myra has definitely found her true north and is always looking for ways to improve her compass. Well I think this is a great start. Thank you to Myra and Beyond Hello.  


Kyle Baum: Owner/Operator of Atom Socks

Kyle and I had a great time talking mostly all sock talk. Yeah you read that correctly. Socks man, socks. Kyle understands the importance of foot care. Foot care does start with the fabric most of us slip on daily to cover or feet. There are other factors as well but if you are an athlete , warehouse worker or first responder you know what it's like to have a shitty sock on. I would call Kyle an expert in foot care and training. Give these bad boys a try. New styles coming soon. Perfect for the desk jockey as well as being uniform compliant for active duty members. Stay tuned for even more killer products.. 


USE CODE: EASTSIDEATOMS at checkout and receive 10% off your purchase!!. 



Atom is committed to providing the world's best socks for the missions that matter. Designed for military, first responders, veterans, and anyone else who needs comfortable, durable, high-performance socks. Founded by an Army Ranger, we know how important it is to take care of your feet. Ruck marches, offset infils, and foot chases all take their toll. Designed for military, first responders, veterans, and anyone else who needs comfortable, durable, high-performance socks.

"Our socks are the most important thing you'll put on today. After all, the mission starts with the socks."

Atom: Move Further, Faster.


Mike Kesthely Owner and Operator of Nova 3 Labs


I had a great time speaking with Mike. 2 hrs flew by and we could have gone for another few. Mike resides in Canada and has been an athlete and into nutrition since his teenage years. Now that he is in his 40's and has years of education and experience, Mike created NOVA3LABS

Nova Three Labs started in Mike’s garage in Alberta Canada, he had a need for a superior product that was not in the industry. Mike decided to take things into his own hands and create this product for himself and his fellow fire fighters to deal with the normal stress of the job. Chrissy and Mike crossed paths during a nutrition seminar and found a mutual desire to make a change in the supplement industry. Together they are bringing superior supplements backed by science to the market with the goal of education customers and changing lives for the better through nutrition and supplementation.

Mike is always looking for ways to improve himself and his clients. Nova 3 Labs loves to donate to teams that are involved in military style challenges (GORUCK) and teams that work hard. Check out Nova 3 Labs today.



Johnny Concannon - Professional Session Drummer and cool human

John joined me through Google Hangouts one Thursday evening. I came across Johns Instagram profile after returning from a The Contortionist show in MD. John actually sat in for some tour dates for them and embarked on one of the most challenging and amazing experiences his mind and body has been apart of. 

What really stood out to me about John is that he is always learning, and looking for that new challenge that he can conquer. I love that about people. He is so passionate about drums and music as a whole. His discipline is amazing. John is always looking for a way to be better everyday. Not just as a musician but as a human. We can always improve ourselves. 

We are a decade apart but have so much music styles and groups in common. It is really interesting hearing how a person got into music and ultimately playing an instrument. What music were they listening to? Who were their influences? 

John is now fully immersed in a new project called Briidges. Yes there is two I's . They are a duo who just released their album "Lost and Found" on every digital avenue. This album has 23 tunes that take you on a time warp of sorts. They flow through time periods of 80's 90's and 2000's . live drums, live sample and re-sampling . This duo will be hitting the streets soon and may be coming to a city near you. I sure would like to see them here in Philly. 




Joe Smiley: Owner/Operator of Red Planet Recording

This was a special podcast. I brought a couple weirdos with me one Sunday evening to Red Planet Recording/Rehearsal Studio. I brought a videographer friend and my drummer G. G and I started Into the Aegean here in Philly. I wanted to touch on drum micing techniques and what better way for some musicians to record a tune. FYI it is the outro song. It's still in draft phase but we captured what we needed for the podcast episode. Stay tuned for the video. Joe has really crafted a wonderful location and his talent as an engineer should be highly sot out for. Oh and the live room is FUCKING SIC SOUNDING!! 

Red Planet Recording, Live Sound & Rehearsal was established in May of 2004 by Bruce Howze and Joe Smiley. We are located in beautiful Clifton Heights, PA, just minutes outside of Philadelphia. Our warehouse space houses 16 secure, climate controlled, monthly rehearsal rooms as well as a recording studio with a sizable live room and a control room comprised of digital and analog gear. We specialize in the recording and production of music in various genres including rock, indie, punk, alternative, hardcore, metal, noise,  and blues. We can provide live sound reinforcement for events in venues that don't have installed sound systems. Explore our web site or contact us to find out what we can do for your recording project or live event, or to inquire about the availability of our rehearsal rooms.


Erica Pukatsch-Regional Manager at Canna Care Docs

Erica stopped by The House this past Wednesday evening. Starting out as just helping organize the new office to becoming the Regional Manager at Canna Care Docs - Delaware and Pennsylvania. Her mission as Area Manager of Delaware and Pennsylvania is to not only provide the best "full spectrum" cannabis care to patients in house, but to continue care outside of the office by connecting them with resources within their communities; to help ease their concerns, comfort them, and give them confidence in the choice they have made for a #saferalternative

About Canna Care Docs:

Canna Care Docs, a division of MVC Technologies, qualifies patients into medical marijuana programs in Rhode IslandMassachusettsMaineConnecticut,VermontFloridaMarylandDelaware, District of Columbia and Canada. Canna Care Docs is committed to the medicinal value cannabis brings to your holistic healthcare treatment and providing safe and compliant access into medical marijuana programs. At Canna Care Docs you will spend time with a caring, non-judgmental medical professional qualifying your condition for medical marijuana and discussing cannabis as it relates to your specific needs. Canna Care Docs specializes in administering medical marijuana evaluations, medical marijuana certifications and written medical marijuana recommendations from our board-certified and licensed medial professionals. By taking an individualized approach to alternative medicine, Canna Care Docs certainly separates itself from the rest of its competitors. We boast a staff that is built-up of compassionate, understanding and intelligent individuals whose mission is to help you gain safe access to cannabis for your healthcare. Please note that we are always within compliance of all state medical marijuana bylaws and ordinances. 


John Bair: Owner & Operator of Bair Knuckle Strength

I reached out to John after discovering his Instagram profile. I found we have a few things in common. I invited him to be a guest and thought we would talk all things fitness and the importance of movement. For what came next.. I was not prepared. This not your average podcast. We went for 2+ hrs , John really opened up his entire life. 


Our mission is to coach you to become the BEST version of YOU! We know that when you take consistent action on becoming YOUR BEST - it permeates every level of your life, especially for those most important to you. When you know yourself, everyone in your life reaps the reward. We're here to light the way!

Services Include:
Mindset & Life Coaching
Fitness & Strength Coaching
Healthy Eating Coaching
Restorative Classes
Group, Semi-Private, Personal
Online and Distance Coaching

Adam Twersky-ImmersiveXR Philadelphia

"Okay, now I'm going to bring you to another experience.." said Adam

(VR screen goes smokey gray)

(The scene fades in)

"Hhhholy shhit" I exclaimed

I'm standing on a high platform on top of a giant wind turbine overlooking the field below. Among the other turbines, mine isn't spinning. I was sent up there to fix it. But I'm the new trainee and haven't been deployed in the field yet. No worries..

"Look to your left, do you see the orange case with glasses on top?"

" I do"

"Walk over, pick them up and put them on, they are Augmented Reality glasses" 

Once they are on , icons and instructions appear like holograms. The glasses give you step by step instructions to replace the broken part. 

This is just one of the projects Adam and his team are working on. VR or I should say XR is the future. Not just for entertainment but education, training employees, therapy and the future of banking. Adam and his teams forward thinking will set them apart from the rest. Visit ImmersiveXR today and set your company on the path of the future. 


 About ImmersiveXr

In today’s world, people want something new and different and exciting. ImmersiveXR brings the awesome to the party with augmented reality, virtual reality, 360 videos, gamification, app development, live events, and other immersive experiences.  We produce activations in-house as well as providing outsourced services and joint collaborations.What makes us unique is our access to key resources and strategic partnerships combined with a collaborative spirit, where imagination is the limit to countless opportunities.  We work behind the scenes, connecting industry leaders with the companies seeking innovative ways to get or stay ahead of their competitors.


Paul Alkoby: Human Optimization

Paul and I discuss what it means to be and how you can be an optimized human.


“Human Optimization” is a system of strategies designed to help you achieve success and happiness so that you can “either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing” (Benjamin Franklin). You want to be the best that you can be, and “Human Optimization” presents strategies that will help you achieve your goals. You will achieve your maximum potential, productivity, and performance, while also enhancing your experience of peace, or well-being. Unparalleled success, joy, happiness, and fulfillment will be your companions on your journey through life.

The term “Human Optimization” might seem strange at first glance, because it is a new concept, but it’s meaning is almost self explanatory. We are all familiar with “S.E.O.”, or “Search Engine Optimization,” as the process of “optimizing” a web site to gain the highest possible ranking in search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Simply put, it is the process of making the site the best that it can be.

Human Optimization is a system of strategies designed to help optimize individuals. Simply put, Human Optimization, which could otherwise be called people optimization, is the process of making people the best that they can be.

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