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Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 12- Gaz Hayden-Actor

May 12, 2019

(Welcome to the 12th annual Philadelphia Independent Film Festival pt.1/3)

This past Thursday night, it was my privilege to attend the second night screening of the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. Absolution is a short film that packs the punch of a full length feature which sits with the viewer long after its over. The story follows Michael, struggling to overcome feelings of regret and deep remorse over a past traumatic event. With all hope lost, Michael (Gaz Hayden) encounters a woman who inevitably leads him down the path to find comfort in religion.  

I sat down to chat with Gaz at the festival for a scheduled half hour which ended up being twice as long. We had a great time reminiscing about the films we saw as kids and Gaz's plans for the future. The tireless passion shown by these independent filmmakers has been an eyeopening experience that I encourage everyone to explore and support.

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