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Myra Zerr-Neuroscientist Beyond Hello

February 5, 2019

I had a great podcasting weekend. Saturday morning kicked off with neuroscientist Myra Zerr. Myra felt compelled to explore the world of science. Although being stuffed in a rocket and going to space or exploring the depths of the ocean sounded amazing, they were also quite risky. Myra thought staying put on land and researching the brain and it's functions would be more beneficial to her and the world as a whole. She is now full immersed in guiding physicians and educating them and works full time at the latest apothecary Beyond Hello. Brand new to Center City Philadelphia. The windows have 24hr projections of patient testimonies and other educational information. They offer weekly deals and discounts to Veterans and seniors. Myra has definitely found her true north and is always looking for ways to improve her compass. Well I think this is a great start. Thank you to Myra and Beyond Hello.  

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