East Side Podcast


Mike Kesthely Owner and Operator of Nova 3 Labs

January 8, 2019


I had a great time speaking with Mike. 2 hrs flew by and we could have gone for another few. Mike resides in Canada and has been an athlete and into nutrition since his teenage years. Now that he is in his 40's and has years of education and experience, Mike created NOVA3LABS

Nova Three Labs started in Mike’s garage in Alberta Canada, he had a need for a superior product that was not in the industry. Mike decided to take things into his own hands and create this product for himself and his fellow fire fighters to deal with the normal stress of the job. Chrissy and Mike crossed paths during a nutrition seminar and found a mutual desire to make a change in the supplement industry. Together they are bringing superior supplements backed by science to the market with the goal of education customers and changing lives for the better through nutrition and supplementation.

Mike is always looking for ways to improve himself and his clients. Nova 3 Labs loves to donate to teams that are involved in military style challenges (GORUCK) and teams that work hard. Check out Nova 3 Labs today.


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