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Johnny Concannon - Professional Session Drummer and cool human

December 22, 2018

John joined me through Google Hangouts one Thursday evening. I came across Johns Instagram profile after returning from a The Contortionist show in MD. John actually sat in for some tour dates for them and embarked on one of the most challenging and amazing experiences his mind and body has been apart of. 

What really stood out to me about John is that he is always learning, and looking for that new challenge that he can conquer. I love that about people. He is so passionate about drums and music as a whole. His discipline is amazing. John is always looking for a way to be better everyday. Not just as a musician but as a human. We can always improve ourselves. 

We are a decade apart but have so much music styles and groups in common. It is really interesting hearing how a person got into music and ultimately playing an instrument. What music were they listening to? Who were their influences? 

John is now fully immersed in a new project called Briidges. Yes there is two I's . They are a duo who just released their album "Lost and Found" on every digital avenue. This album has 23 tunes that take you on a time warp of sorts. They flow through time periods of 80's 90's and 2000's . live drums, live sample and re-sampling . This duo will be hitting the streets soon and may be coming to a city near you. I sure would like to see them here in Philly. 



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