East Side Podcast


Jeremy Levine-Germ Glass

April 19, 2019

Back with another great Have Podcast Will Travel. I'm on location with professional glass artist Jeremy Levine. He invited me to his laboratory where he and a few other glass manipulators gather to create. He recently embarked on a 2 year journey to create 1000 glass cranes. This stems from his love for origami. So he made a glass crane, took a pic and posted it. In the true fashion of social media someone had to comment "why don't you make 1000" Challenge accepted! 

2 years later his journey is complete. Opening night was full of hundreds of people as well as local companies sponsoring the food and libations. The installation will be going for 3 nights in a row 4/19-4/21. Jeremy also mentioned he is keeping it up for appointment only showings through May. Check out some of his other amazing works. You can find him on Instagram @germlion 

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