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Britt James- Community Advocate Founder: Philly Unknown

June 24, 2019

I had been planning this podcast for a few months until Britt and I were able to finally meet up. I wanted to change up locations and decided on an outdoor space. We found ourselves a top of the new trestle garden walk just off 11th and Callowhill. It was a beautiful evening. The sky was sapphire and the air was cool and caressing. After finding our way around a large yoga group we found a great spot that had Liberty 1 and 2 in the background. 

I discovered Britt through his Instagram page and the beautiful pictures featured on the @phillyunkown page . He started this page as a way of self therapy but soon opened the page for others to "takeover" after a lot of interest. Britt is a community leader and educator. Philadelphia like a lot of cities has a severe opiate addiction and overdose rate. Britt wants to end this epidemic. 

“My name is Britt. I am from Philadelphia, PA. I moved around a lot with my job. However, one consistent thing is I have always had my fair share of struggles with addiction and mental health since as long as I can remember. Funny how the two, addiction and mental health, always seem to go hand in hand. One disease fueled by another and vice versa. I never experimented with drugs until after high school. And even after that I always just considered myself a recreational drug user and thought I knew my limits. Little did I realize that was far from the truth. I began to share my story of trauma and addictive behaviors and pent up emotions with people. Not just people in my IOP or my life but to an audience on social media that has rallied behind me from all across the world and allow me to be vulnerable to them. They allow me to share my life and my feelings and my journey with them and this is my recovery. I started a non-profit almost three years ago that has a mission to bring advocacy, awareness and cohesion in the communities towards societal issues such as homelessness and to the fatal epidemic of the opioid crisis. I have found my mission. I have taken peace in healing through bringing compassion and harm reduction to those who need it most. I work the front lines to ensure that those who are lost like I was, have a voice and know that they are not alone.

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