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Adam Twersky-ImmersiveXR Philadelphia

November 22, 2018

"Okay, now I'm going to bring you to another experience.." said Adam

(VR screen goes smokey gray)

(The scene fades in)

"Hhhholy shhit" I exclaimed

I'm standing on a high platform on top of a giant wind turbine overlooking the field below. Among the other turbines, mine isn't spinning. I was sent up there to fix it. But I'm the new trainee and haven't been deployed in the field yet. No worries..

"Look to your left, do you see the orange case with glasses on top?"

" I do"

"Walk over, pick them up and put them on, they are Augmented Reality glasses" 

Once they are on , icons and instructions appear like holograms. The glasses give you step by step instructions to replace the broken part. 

This is just one of the projects Adam and his team are working on. VR or I should say XR is the future. Not just for entertainment but education, training employees, therapy and the future of banking. Adam and his teams forward thinking will set them apart from the rest. Visit ImmersiveXR today and set your company on the path of the future. 


 About ImmersiveXr

In today’s world, people want something new and different and exciting. ImmersiveXR brings the awesome to the party with augmented reality, virtual reality, 360 videos, gamification, app development, live events, and other immersive experiences.  We produce activations in-house as well as providing outsourced services and joint collaborations.What makes us unique is our access to key resources and strategic partnerships combined with a collaborative spirit, where imagination is the limit to countless opportunities.  We work behind the scenes, connecting industry leaders with the companies seeking innovative ways to get or stay ahead of their competitors.

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